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"The ancestor of every action is a thought." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Happy Halloween 2013!

G&G were so adorable, but pretty difficult to get into their costumes. I totally expected this. They're still too little to have any idea of the candy that's involved in Halloween (15 months). The dressing up is purely for the picture op. I'm happy I put some thought into their costume (cute, warm, not trendy, not too girly), but not my time into making it.  I would LOVE to make their costumes, like my mom always did. But they just wouldn't appreciate it yet. I got both of their costumes off Ebay. One was $7.50 and the other was $21.90 total with shipping. Both were new with tags and the same size, and manufacturer. My ideal was $30 for both costumes so I met my goal!

A Thursday throwback to a 90's Halloween. I'm the Queen of Hearts! My mom was the best. My little sister is now 6' 2" and I'm 5'7", I love pictures like this of me actually being the big sister!


The Babybook

My girls just turned 8 months, and I've yet to add a single picture or word to their baby books. I've purchased the books (1 for each girl, the same book of course!). I've printed out pictures. I've been trying to keep up a milestone list/journal in my Google Drive of important events and firsts. But I just haven't found the right time to start making their firsts official. It's different with a blog or a google doc, I can change wording. Add or delete. But what I'm writing in their baby book is... definite and special. When they are all grown up I want them to find these books and love how organized and thorough their Mama was! These memory books can be a really great piece of family history.

My dad's baby book and the baby book my mom made for me are meticulously complete with records of baby and childhood. Dad's baby book even has notes/stories up until his college years! (filled out by his grandmother- verrry interesting details, like failing French lessons!) Reading my Dad's book was helpful to learn names of family and family friends, especially for recognizing names in letters and documents I found throughout my research. My baby book has all the details of my first words, foods, and major milestones- even the hospital bracelets and a lock of hair from my first haircut. I can only hope to complete such a detailed history of each baby in a complete succinct book. Right now I have notes, pictures, hospital bracelets, and birth announcements all over the place.

So until I have the time, organization, and confidence to fill out G&G's baby books- I made a photobook via Shutterfly of their first month. I know it sounds silly, the first month?! But with 2 babies and so much happening from the birth, home coming, family visiting, etc...there was a lot to pack into 20 pages. The next photobook I'll try and tackle the first year.

Click here to view this photo book larger

Click here to create your own Shutterfly photo book.


I can't find the power cord to my printer/scanner- I'd love to add pictures from abovementioned baby books! It's on my to do list once the cord has been recovered. Might not happen for a while- but they are precious pages I'd love to share! Did I mention that I really need to get organized? :)


Barbie's 1959 Debut and a New 2012 Royal Debut

The Barbie debuted in 1959For me, barbie is synonymous with childhood. I would spend hours alone or with my sister and friends playing with my barbies, changing her clothes, driving in her hot pink convertible, and setting up a dream house for her and Ken. Always losing those little shoes though :) On March 9, 1959 Barbie made her debut at the American Toy Fair in New York City. This year marks her 53rd year of glamor and imagination.

Barbie was invented by Ruth Handler. She was inspired to create an adult female doll when she observed how much her daughter enjoyed playing with grown up female paper dolls. And what was her daughter's name, Barbara of course! The mother/daughter beginnings have helped keep the Barbie tradition alive and continuous 53 years later. As I've previously shared, I am expecting twin girls later this summer and I'm already looking forward to a big box of barbies, barbie clothes, and accessories! I'm a big believer in pretend and encouraging kids to use their imaginations and I just remember spending hours playing with these dolls.

While I did play with Barbie dolls, I didn't have the fancy dolls or collector dolls you weren't allowed to play with. But when I heard of the new Prince Charles and Kate Royal Wedding Barbie Collector set to come out in April, all I could think was- my daughters have to have these!!

This past year I've read and learned a lot about the Royal Family and their role in the English culture. And I find it all very fascinating. Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee this year (60 years as reigning Queen) and next month is the 1 year anniversary of Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding. I have to admit, I did stay up/get up early last year to watch the royal wedding! A story I will for sure share with my girls, as William and Kate will most likely be the King and Queen of England during my girls lifetime. Not sure if these will be play time toys or something I'd like to give them to keep and collect. But hopefully something they will someday love! I don't know how in love Steve is that I'm already buying dolls to collect for our unborn girls, might need to start clearing some room in the storage unit :). Pre-orders for the set have already sold out, but Mattel will begin selling the sets on April 7, 2012.


A Giant Family Tree: The Mara and Rooney Families

Congratulations to the NY Giants for their big superbowl win this past Sunday! I'm not a huge sports fan, but you gotta love it when your hometown team wins the championship. One thing that intrigued me was the family aspect of the Giants team. I found this famliy tree from the NY Daily News and it breaks down how the team has been passed down the Mara family tree from the original owner, Tim Mara. So interesting that the original owner's grandson, Chris Mara, and Art Rooney's granddaughter, Kathleen Rooney, married! Art Rooney had great respect for Tim Mara, even naming his son Tim after him. Take a peek at their tree to see the connections.