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* organizing and sharing genealogy news: exploring GenealoGee

The genealogy community is growing with new technology and our influence has a far greater reach than ever before. This global audience demands technology to organize and deliver new information as quickly as possible. It's challenging for me to stay on task when overloaded with updates from twitter, newsletters, feeds, wall posts, emails, comments, new blogs - I just can't help myself! There are so many interesting things going on! A free membership with GenealoGee has potential to streamline the information overload! GenealoGee facilitates bookmarking, exchanging, and promotion of relevant genealogy news through member submitted content from all over the web.

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* rootstech: calling all genealogists and technology geeks!

Rootstech is an all new technology and genealogy conference aiming to bring together genealogists and the brains behind new innovative technologies. Rootstech will be held February 10-12, 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Forums for learning include panels, discussion groups, and interactive demonstrations.

To name a few sponsors: Family Search,, Dell, and Microsoft.

*partial to mac* I'd love to see what Apple could bring to the genealogy community. Just throwin it out there!

After browsing the website I think I fell in love, the description of those who should attend: "Those who want to help define the future of genealogy through technological innovation." This conference is truly unique and it's not just for genealogists. The theme applies to all of us using/creating technology for documenting, preserving, and creating avenues for the dissemination of knowledge. In order for this event to be successful, a broad spectrum of professionals are needed. Perfection! EVERYONE uses technology on daily basis, it helps us to be more efficient and increases our rate of success.

I worked for a developing SAAS for 2 years and I am very excited about this opportunity to give my 2 (or 50) cents! Developers seeking input from users demonstrates their dedication to the product and the customer's satisfaction. Let's make sure they get the feedback needed to make the products we pay for better!


nbc's who do you think you are! NEW Jan 2011

Updated on January 16, 2011 at 11:17PM by Registered Commenterabbyb

After enjoying the first season of NBC's Who Do You Think You Are, I am very excited to announce the season 2 premiere Friday January 21, 2011 at 8pm! If you missed the first season you can watch full episodes and access a bunch of research information from their website. Updates for the new season!

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Weba what? Do I need to be tech savvy or have special software? Do they cost money? How long does it last? Where do I go?  What if I miss it?

If you have never watched or participated in a webinar, one or all of the questions above may have given you reason to pause, but they are a FANTASTIC way to get information and there are alot out there for FREE. Free is the best right? Especially when genealogical reasources can be pricey!

A webinar is a live online educational presentation during which participating viewers can submit questions and comments. These virtual sessions (yes! virtual=you sitting cozy on your couch) are great for learning new genealogy tips/resources/technologies from knowledgable professionals.

The presenter will display a power point presentation on your screen and they will talk you through the slides. Don't worry about writing everything down, you will be able to download the power point after the session. Webinars can range from 30mins to hours, but most often they run 1-2 hours with the last 30 minutes or so of Q&A. If the webinar is scheduled during a time you're not available or you miss it, you can usually still download the presentation! Check out and Legacy Family Tree for their archived presentations. Legacy Family Tree's presentations are only available for 30 days post webinar, lucky for us they just had a bunch so check them out. Family Tree University has educational resources, live webinars, and many webinars on demand but you have to pay.

 Examples of genealogy webinar topics:

Now what might be the biggest question- what technology do I need? Well I have good news, if you're reading this blog you have 2 out of 3 major requirements, a computer with internet access. The organization hosting the webinar will send you a link, usually via email. When it's a few minutes before the scheduled time click on the link and enter the meeting, it's just like entering a chat room! You will see the main slide or images from the presenter's computer on your screen and then you just wait for the learning to begin. The 3rd need is sound, there are 2 ways to do this- speakers on the computer? perfection! If you don't have computer speakers, sometimes they will provide a dial in conference number with number codes to punch in and viola, sound!

*please keep in mind there are many webinar programs out there so the exact methodologies and computer requirements may vary* It's important to check the system requirements provided by the host and to test your computer by logging into the meeting early to make sure!

Check my events calendar for scheduled webinars! If you know of a webinar covering genealogy, researching, history, or any topic you think fits I would love to hear about it. Same goes for your thoughts or comments from a Webinar experience!

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