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* Learn genealogy research tips with these free genealogy webinars

Who doesn't love a freebie? There are some great free learning opportunities on tap this week. Webinars are an awesome way to learn new tips and tools. These virtual educational sessions are great for new genealogy researchers and experienced genealogists alike! There are quite a few interesting FREE webinars going on this week. If you can't make the live session, I would still register! Many presentations will be archived after the live presentation and a link to view the recorded webinar will be emailed to all registered participants. Free Webinars this week May 16- May 22, 2011

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* saas family history tools - have you heard of Zahmoo? 

I first heard of Zahmoo because they started following me on Twitter. On their website Zahmoo is self described as "a story bank" for family and business stories. With the family edition you get a system for collecting and sharing stories. This includes 1 collection of unlimited stories, 10GB of storage, and up to 20 members at a price of $5/month (after their 30 day free trial). You upload your text, picture, audio, and video "stories" to your story bank and they are preserved and shareable within the clouds. You then invite other members to join your bank by sending them an invitation. These members can read, comment, and add their own stories. I wonder where the name Zahmoo comes from?? I'm intrigued by the idea of Zahmoo. It's purpose is simple and to the point. It seems like a marketable idea for the genealogy consumer. Family history research requires a ton of organization, and I know first hand how much work goes into collecting, sharing, and preserving all of the details. But, is it worth $5 a month for their family level account?

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* genealogy loves technology: family history trends & infographic from released their analysis of how innovative technology is leading to"extraordinary growth" within the genealogy and family history industries. This is really interesting research!! I just don't understand- why aren't younger generations as involved with genealogy and family history? Especially since they are actively using/creating/influencing these new programs and technologies! CHECK IT OUT : infographic highlighting the trends as found by

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* Do you know your family health history? Family Health Portrait Can help!

Documenting your family health history can often be forgotten when researching your family. Knowing and having access your family health history can be vital for doctors to properly evaluate your health needs when faced with sickness or an emergency situation.

A new FREE online tool from the Surgeon General, My Family Health Portrait, can help you record your family health history. You fill out the easy to use form and it creates a pedigree family health history chart. When you are finished you can download the chart and save it to your computer and share it with family members or your doctor! Family Health Portrait is completely private and secure, the data you enter is not saved on their site and no government record is created. (HHS Privacy Policy Notice) If you already have a Microsoft Health Vault account you can copy your records to your Family Health Portrait and then save the new information added to your Family Health Portrait can be saved to your Microsoft Health Vault Account.

The holidays are a perfect time to talk with your family about genealogy and family roots, why not take this opportunity to start the conversation about your family health history. I know I will be talking with my family about our family health history. Cheers to a happy and healthy holiday season!