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A Crafty Baby Girl Shower- Headband Making!

Who doesn't love a babyshower! But let's be honest, sometimes they can be a bit boring or uncomfortable with all the poopy games. Jalena, my BFF since 7th grade, is having her first child in January (it's hard to believe we've now been friends for 16 years!). This past weekend we celebrated the mamma-to-be and her baby girl Vienna and their shower was held at Longfellows Restaurant in Saratoga. Longfellows catered her wedding and it was super delicious so she knew she wanted to celebrate this next milestone with the same top notch taste. I wasn't going to let her down with the guest's entertainment!

Jalena is a very stylish lady. Not to mention a fabulous hair stylist at the Sanctuary Salon in Saratoga! She's always dressed beautifully with the most perfect accessories. When I found the idea to have a headband making station at the babyshower I knew it would be the perfect for her shower! It only makes sense that Vienna should have a fun assortment of girly headbands to wear once she's joined us!

I originally found the idea on pinterest. After some googling I found a few sellers on Etsy who sold pre-assembled headband making kits. Jackpot! The only problem, it was the Tuesday afternoon before the shower on Saturday. I had to move quickly! I ordered the kit from BlossomSupplies- $31.99 for all the necessary items to make 20 headbands. I had a pay a hefty fee to get my order rushed, but it was definitely worth it! Our shower was going to have 35 people so I ordered some extra elastic. I didn't want all the headbands to be shabby roses so I scoured pinterest for more inspiration. I found a few felt flower and bow tutorials here, here, and here. They came out great, were pretty easy to do, and gave the guests more to work with.

In addition to elastic, shabby flowers, felt bows, and flowers-- I also got some feathers, sequence, gems, and extra felt for people to get creative with. I really wanted to make sure she didn't have 27 headbands that all looked the same. Before the party I measured, cut, and hot glued the elastic into circles. I had the different sizes (newborn, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12+toddler) so each person could just pick the elastic headband and get to work. I had printed out a few pictures for the the table for inspiration. Once the headband was complete the designer would write their name and the size on a tag! Jalena's cousin found the perfect headband stand at Marshalls.

Sorry for my iphone pictures, they're really not that great! And it was pretty dark in the wine cellar. Thankfully they had a lamp to brighten up the crafting area.


All in all I would say it was VERY successful! Everyone had fun making the headbands and Vienna will have a vast assortment of headbands for her first 2 years! I can't wait to meet her! Hopefully G, G, & Vienna will continue our tradition of great lifelong friendship. xo

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