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"The ancestor of every action is a thought." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Genie Newspaper Archives- The Schenectady Gazette Sep 13, 1982

I was going through old newspapers when I found this lovely gem! My husband grew up in Schenectady, NY and his parents saved the Schenectady Gazette from the day he was born.

I'm not looking to get all political here, but a front page story "Congress Spurs $1 B Jobs Bill", caught my attention. I feel like I've heard a similar story in the news lately... The American Jobs Act perhaps? :) History tends to repeat itself and the issues facing the government 29 years ago feel very similar to the obstacles of today. The Jobs Act of 1982 was estimated to cost $1 billion, the American Jobs Act of 2011 is estimated to cost about $447 billion. The Jobs Act of 1982 never became law.

From the Schenectady Gazette of Schenectady NY- September 13, 1982 Front Page

Congress Spurs $1 B Jobs Bill, By Tom Raum
Washington (AP)- Congressional Democrats, trying to ride the momentum of their veto override victory, plan to seek quick action in the House this week on a $1 billion jobs program opposed by the Reagan administration.

The Democratic initiative, which backers claim could put 200,000 unemployed to work on bridge and highway repair projects around the nation by the end of the year, seems certain to touch off a week of heightened partisan bickering. With congressional elections less than two months away, the remaining battles of the almost expired 97th Congress are expected to be dominated by politics. Democrats, who have won few skirmishes since the 1980 elections, remained exhilarated from the 60-30 Senate and 301-117 House votes last week overriding President Reagan’s veto of the $14.2 billion spending bill he deemed too costly.

Hoping to strike again while ahead, Democratic leaders decided late last week to try to bring the jobs bill to the House floor, out of schedule, by mid week. “Now seemed like a good time to try to get this thing moving. If we can get two-thirds to override a veto, we should be able to get the votes needed for a jobs bill.” said a Democratic leadership aide who asked not to be identified.

“I can no longer accept in good conscience the president’s plea for patience. The American people need to see action now before it is too late.” said House Speaker Thomas P. O’Neill, D-Mass, commenting on the bill. “The costs of unemployment now outweigh the cost of putting people back to work,” said O’Neill, in a statement yesterday. “Today we are paying out more than $20 billion in unemployment compensation alone. This says nothing of the lost output, the lost revenues, that result from today’s high unemployment.”

O’Neil said that funding for the program would equal 5 percent of the cost of the country’s unemployment compensation bill. Congress is in its final push before a scheduled early October adjournment.

The announcement last week by congressional leaders that they would not call a post-election “lame duck” session to deal with problems in the Social Security system meant that all the remaining work of the session must be done in the next tree weeks. Since the new fiscal year begins Oct. 1, the priority for Congress is to provide the money needed to run the government. But of 10 appropriations bills to fund federal agencies, only one- military construction- has been approved by either chamber of Congress.

Do you save old newspapers? I save what I can, but my small Brooklyn apartment can only house so many papers and books! If you don't want to bother saving them, you can always scan stories of interest! I recommend scanning all paper documents- every time you touch the paper the oils and dirt from your gentle handling slowly damage the quality. 


Jacqueline Kennedy's Oral History- Just Released! 

The Kennedy family has been in the media spotlight for decades, but it's the voice of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy that had me fascinated this week.

The newly released book,  "Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy", has everybody talking. Jackie Kennedy lends her voice to ensure her husbands memorial. A taped interview has been kept locked away until now!


This family often keeps a tight seal on personal information, but her daughter Caroline Kennedy thought the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's presidency was the right time. The world should be able to hear this historic conversation.

The interview was conducted by Arthur Schlesinger Jr., a special assistant to JFK during this presidency and an admired historian. She shared uncensored memories of her former life as first lady and the wife of the notorious JFK.

During the ABC special hosted by Diane Sawyer, Caroline Kennedy was asked if any edits were made to the tapes. Caroline's response really stuck with me. She declined any edits and believed that once you start editing a piece of oral history, it's hard to know when to stop. She wanted to share her mother's uncensored voice with the public to serve as a true memorial to their experience.

I'm a huge fan of Jackie. She kept it real and exposed herself to a world that wasn't yet ready for what she had to say. But nevertheless she won everyone over and continues to be an icon for women everywhere. And now with her voice, she shares their story with the world.

A few months ago I read "Jack and Jackie: Portrait of an American Marriage" and loved it! On my book shelf to be read: "American Legacy: The Story of John & Caroline Kennedy".


Happy Birthday Jack Daniel- How About a Guinness, or 7?

Today would be the 161st birthday of Jasper Newton Daniel, the founder of the famous Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey. When he registered the distillery in 1866 it was listed as "No. 1" with the US government, the first registered distillery. If you haven't done the math, in 1866 he was only 16 years old! I wonder how a youngster would have thought to do this? To make history on his birthday, the Jack Daniel's Distillery hopes to break 7 Guinness World Records today at South Street Seaport in NYC. To get in on the celebration, get down to the historic seaport between 12pm-2pm.


Records they are trying to break:

Most Contributions to a Greeting Card

Largest Glass Bottle Mosaic

Largest Bottle of Whiskey

Largest Gathering of People Born in the Same Month (if your birthday is in September- get down there!)

Most Bottles Played in a Bottle Orchestra

Most People Blowing out Candles Simultaneously

Fastest Time to Build a 20 Shot Glass Pyramid


Check back to see if any of these official attempts are successful!


* Prospect Park Walk-a-Thon 2011

Want to help preserve the lovely green spaces of NYC? The Prospect Park Walk-a-Thon is a great way to give back and keep this historic Brooklyn park green and beautiful for generations to come. I've registered and will be walking the park Sunday September 18, 2011! Click here to register online.

If you can't make it, you can sponsor my footsteps with a donation, see my donation page.

On the weekends the park is a place where we can escape from our shoebox apartments. Grab a blanket, frisbee, a good read, and you will have the best afternoon ever in Prospect Park. If you've never been- you should plan a visit. It's a sprawling outdoor oasis complete with numerous hiking trails, a zoo, lake, horseback riding, bandshell, multiple playgrounds, and even a vintage carousel.  This park is bursting with history and it needs our help to keep it going.

To learn more about the history of the park, see the Prospect Park timeline history from the Prospect Park Alliance.