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Then and Now: 154 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY

The New York Public library has an amazing digital gallery with tons of vintage New York City images. I really enjoy looking through them to see how the city has transformed over the past 100 years. Last summer I chose a few Brooklyn pictures and set out to see what the picture would look like today (2011).

This picture from the digital gallery is of 154 4th Ave Brooklyn circa 1936.

Before I set out to see the "today" picture, I checked out google street view (picture below). I was a little disappointed to see most of the building gone! But since it wasn't too far away, I decided to take a walk over and take a look. 

What a great surprise, when I went in July 2011 there was actually a new luxury condo building fully built into the missing section! How things have changed! I love that the section with the spiral top all the way to the right was preserved. It served as a nice landmark for me to use to make these then and now pictures. A piece of new nestled in with a piece of history. I should see if I can find out when the original building was built.

More then and now pictures to come! Have a spot in Brooklyn or New York you'd like to see a then and now picture comparison of? Let me know, I'll see if I can make it happen.

This is such a great project when researching your family history and have an exact address or town name....what was there when they lived here? There is a cool website aptly named What Was There where you can put in an address or city to see pictures of what was there! Pictures can be added by individuals or organizations looking to preserve the images of the past.


* Prospect Park Walk-a-Thon 2011

Want to help preserve the lovely green spaces of NYC? The Prospect Park Walk-a-Thon is a great way to give back and keep this historic Brooklyn park green and beautiful for generations to come. I've registered and will be walking the park Sunday September 18, 2011! Click here to register online.

If you can't make it, you can sponsor my footsteps with a donation, see my donation page.

On the weekends the park is a place where we can escape from our shoebox apartments. Grab a blanket, frisbee, a good read, and you will have the best afternoon ever in Prospect Park. If you've never been- you should plan a visit. It's a sprawling outdoor oasis complete with numerous hiking trails, a zoo, lake, horseback riding, bandshell, multiple playgrounds, and even a vintage carousel.  This park is bursting with history and it needs our help to keep it going.

To learn more about the history of the park, see the Prospect Park timeline history from the Prospect Park Alliance.


* A Byte of the Grand Army Plaza Food Truck Rally 

The Prospect Park Alliance has teamed up with the NYC Food Truck Association to bring the best of the best in food truck cuisine to Grand Army Plaza. Every third Sunday of the month, through October, there will be a "Food Truck Rally" in Brooklyn's Grand Army Plaza, near the entrance to Prospect Park (where the farmers market is held on Saturdays). The next rally in Grand Army Plaza will be Sunday August 21, 2011. But don't despair, if you check out the websites, twitter, and facebook pages of these and other food trucks, hopefully you'll find a gourmet food truck located in your area of the city. That's the great thing about the food trucks, they travel to you! See what went down in July...

Click to read more ...


* Sightseeing Sundays: Riding The Coney Island Cyclone

If you haven't been to Coney Island, I suggest you add it to your summer to do list. It's such a fun time. A main attraction of this seaside playground is the Coney Island Cyclone.

This wooden roller coaster first opened June 26, 1927, 84 years ago today! To preserve the historical impact of the Cyclone, it was declared a New York City Landmark in 1988 and a National Historic Landmark in 1991.

Three years ago Steve and I took our first trip to Coney Island. Not to miss the majors, we stepped up and took a ride on the historic coaster. It was quite a ride! A little rocky for my neck and nerves, but overall a fond summer memory. Of course we couldn't pass up the souvenir picture.


 I love summer!!!