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"The ancestor of every action is a thought." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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* wedding wednesday: DIY passport save the date cards

This week Steve and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary :) xoxo. We were married June 27, 2009 on the beach in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands.

After choosing the Turks and Caicos for our destination wedding, we knew a save the date packed with excitement and travel information was necessary. What better than a mock passport!

I don't remember where I initially got the idea, but after some internet research I found this great post for a passport save the date on I even found the same paper! It was tricky because you wouldn't know it, but this paper design is from a winter collection! The other side is a winter snowflake wonderland. For the front of the passport I used the Turks and Caicos coat of arms (it just so happens I love flamingos!).

I didn't have a template or steps to follow, this was truly a labor of love. In my spare time it took me about a month to design, write, and print out all the pages, and then another month to assemble and finish all 50 passports. It was so worth it!

Inside the passports I gave some general information about the Turks and Caicos, contact information for the travel agent familiar with our specific trip, and some funny "rules" to get everyone ready for the trip. I got the URL for our wedding website after I had printed everything, so I just stuck in a little note at the end.

Everyone really seemed to love these. I wish I had a template or more step by step instructions to offer, but the trial and error steps I took to get these together were very unorganized.

 I hope my creations can inspire you to think out of the box and get creative when you or someone you love is planning their dream wedding. If you have any questions about specific elements from my save the dates, please contact me!


* crafty gifts: Easy DIY Monogrammed Wine Glasses

I love to give and receive handmade gifts. A few years ago I was given a set of wine glasses that were frosted with my initials on them, I couldn't believe my friend had actually MADE them. Immediately I knew I wanted to try it out for myself. The magic is in the etching cream. Once it's applied to the glass a chemical reaction frosts the glass and within 10 minutes the job is done! (Thanks for the tips Schmidt ladies!!) I've now etched quite a few wine glasses and can honestly say it is a great craft for all levels of craftyness. It was my friend Chrisanne's birthday last week and to celebrate I broke out the etching cream from my craft drawer to make her some wine glasses.

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* show off your family tree with family pictures and buttons!

I'm always looking for creative ways to display family pictures without the wall being overwhelmed with frames. My good friend Rachel sent me a link to this AWESOME decorating project by Anders Nilsen and Busy Beaver Button Company. Using family pictures, all different size buttons, magnets, tacks, and nails they created a one of a kind wall display. A fresh and modern way to bring your family tree to life, see how they did it!

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* whipping up some holiday cheer with new recipes!

I LOVE to cook and try out new recipes. Having a few staple recipes for the various holidays works, but who wants to make the same thing every year? 5 New Recipes I tested out this holiday season:

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