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For My Easter Bunnies: Cynthia Rowley Pattern 1624 

I've been sewing random little projects over the past few years, hardly calling it a hobby or a skill of mine. Now that I have 2 little girls, it's time I started sewing for them. Patterns can be very confusing and hard to follow! The first pattern I used was not a simple pattern and took me awhile to work through. I used my seam ripper alot. I was intimidated, but I succeeded! So now I'm trying to continue to learn and grow my seamstress skills so that I can make beautiful things for my girls as they grow up.

I've learned that Joann Fabric sometimes will have Simplicity Patterns for ONE DOLLAR. I was lucky to hit this sale and picked up some adorable patterns. I just finished making this 2 piece shirt/pants outfit from Simplicity's pattern #1624, by designer Cynthia Rowley. I just love this outfit! I thought it would be perfect for spring/summer and especially Easter.





The finished product! Of course G wouldn't look straight at me and had to have a cookie in order to sit still. The pants are a little long, but overall I think the fit is nice and will last throughout the summer.

Fabric- Keepsake Calico Fabric- Flora Garden

New tricks, lessons learned.

How to make a narrow hem (without a special foot). Found this tutorial helpful.

How to attach and sew neck/armhole binding.

This was my first pair of pants! Easier to assemble, harder to get the right fit. 


Next week I'll pick another fabric and make one for G#2! Have any good sewing resources or tricks for a beginner? Please do share! Favorite pattern or fabric? Love to hear about them!


A Crafty Baby Girl Shower- Headband Making!

Who doesn't love a babyshower! But let's be honest, sometimes they can be a bit boring or uncomfortable with all the poopy games. Jalena, my BFF since 7th grade, is having her first child in January (it's hard to believe we've now been friends for 16 years!). This past weekend we celebrated the mamma-to-be and her baby girl Vienna and their shower was held at Longfellows Restaurant in Saratoga. Longfellows catered her wedding and it was super delicious so she knew she wanted to celebrate this next milestone with the same top notch taste. I wasn't going to let her down with the guest's entertainment!

Jalena is a very stylish lady. Not to mention a fabulous hair stylist at the Sanctuary Salon in Saratoga! She's always dressed beautifully with the most perfect accessories. When I found the idea to have a headband making station at the babyshower I knew it would be the perfect for her shower! It only makes sense that Vienna should have a fun assortment of girly headbands to wear once she's joined us!

I originally found the idea on pinterest. After some googling I found a few sellers on Etsy who sold pre-assembled headband making kits. Jackpot! The only problem, it was the Tuesday afternoon before the shower on Saturday. I had to move quickly! I ordered the kit from BlossomSupplies- $31.99 for all the necessary items to make 20 headbands. I had a pay a hefty fee to get my order rushed, but it was definitely worth it! Our shower was going to have 35 people so I ordered some extra elastic. I didn't want all the headbands to be shabby roses so I scoured pinterest for more inspiration. I found a few felt flower and bow tutorials here, here, and here. They came out great, were pretty easy to do, and gave the guests more to work with.

In addition to elastic, shabby flowers, felt bows, and flowers-- I also got some feathers, sequence, gems, and extra felt for people to get creative with. I really wanted to make sure she didn't have 27 headbands that all looked the same. Before the party I measured, cut, and hot glued the elastic into circles. I had the different sizes (newborn, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12+toddler) so each person could just pick the elastic headband and get to work. I had printed out a few pictures for the the table for inspiration. Once the headband was complete the designer would write their name and the size on a tag! Jalena's cousin found the perfect headband stand at Marshalls.

Sorry for my iphone pictures, they're really not that great! And it was pretty dark in the wine cellar. Thankfully they had a lamp to brighten up the crafting area.


All in all I would say it was VERY successful! Everyone had fun making the headbands and Vienna will have a vast assortment of headbands for her first 2 years! I can't wait to meet her! Hopefully G, G, & Vienna will continue our tradition of great lifelong friendship. xo

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DIY Spray Paint Bachelorette Party Shirts

I was inspired to make shirts for my BFF Lindsay's Bachelorette party. I'm always up for a challenge and love to learn new ways to DIY. After a little googling I found these shirts from Hipster's Tea Party and started to create. LOVED how these shirts came out.

For the spray paint I used Rust-Oleum Automotive 11-Ounce Vinyl and Fabric Spray Paint, Flat Black $6.70

I was able to make 13 shirts + 2 or 3 tests with one can.

I bought the shirts from H&M for $8 each.


I used my sister in law's cricut machine to make the stencil. I have to say, this cricut is pretty amazing and I'd love to have one! For the brides shirt we used the cut out letters and for the other shirts we used the negative stencil left behind. I used a spray adhesive to get the stencil to stick securely to the shirt when I sprayed it. I lightly sprayed the stencil and lace every other time to get it to seal. When I first did a spray paint test without the adhesive, the paint would bleed and leak under the stencil.

A roll of lace from Wal-Mart for $3 is all I needed for the bottom detail. I used one strip 2-3 times only, because it would get a little gunked up from the spray adhesive and spray paint.

I happen to love the cut of these shirts and wear mine often! Lindsay is getting married VERY soon so I need to get my wear out of the shirt now :) I've washed (not dried) my shirt often and the paint has stayed fine.


If you have any questions for me about these shirts, please leave a comment or send me a message! happy crafting!


DIY Bridesmaid and Bride Shirts

A great DIY project for bridesmaids! It's quick, easy, and WAY cheaper than ordering from online stores.

I found the custom monogram template from an DIYers dream website with printable templates and beautiful wedding inspiration.

Items needed:

  • Avery Light T Shirt Transfers- 1 sheet per shirt, pack of 6 sheets were $12.
  • White T Shirt or Tank Top- I got my shirts at Old Navy for $6 each.
  • Iron with NO water and steam set to OFF
  • Pillow Case to protect ironing surface

Let's get started!

Customize your monogram and bride images. I used deep ocean and the date line for "Bridesmaid". When the image opens, right click and save the file to your desktop.

Flip the image horizontally before printing. The words should look backwards when you print them so when you place them face down on the shirt it will be correct. Print a test on regular paper to make sure the image prints correctly. -------->

Put the Avery transfer in your printer (make sure it's facing the right way) and print your image.

Cut out the image.

Heat up the iron and lay your pillow case on a hard surface (not an ironing board). When the iron is nice and hot iron all the wrinkles out of the pillow case.

Use a lint roller to remove any fuzz or threads from the front of your shirt. Iron the shirt and make it all nice and smooth, then lay your cut out image face down on your shirt.

You're ready to start the transfer magic! With even and consistent pressure, press the iron onto the back of the avery transfer and shirt for 3 minutes.

Allow the shirt to cool down for 5 minutes.

Peel off the back of the transfer and viola! You have a beautiful custom shirt!