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"The ancestor of every action is a thought." Ralph Waldo Emerson


* genealogy loves technology: family history trends & infographic from released their analysis of how innovative technology is leading to"extraordinary growth" within the genealogy and family history industries. This is really interesting research!! I just don't understand- why aren't younger generations as involved with genealogy and family history? Especially since they are actively using/creating/influencing these new programs and technologies! CHECK IT OUT : infographic highlighting the trends as found by

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* pursuing family history : the wright services in atlantic city 

It's incredible how the smallest detail can bring to life an old family narrative. A recent connection has confirmed and enhanced a well known story of my grandfather's youthful ordeals working in Atlantic City, NJ.

JKW Atlantic City Sep 1930My grandfather hated the beach. My family would travel to see my grandparents twice a year; a gorgeous beach not too far away and I don't think he ever stepped foot in the sand with us. Supposedly his negative attitude was first established after too many summer days working in Atlantic City, NJ for his Aunt Ann. Sunburn was a major issue for him, and as luck would have it, the trait has been passed down.

He would take the train from Camden, NJ to Atlantic City with his brothers to work the beaches of the Traymore and Brighton Hotels for their Aunt Ann. JKW atlantic city date unknownIn the morning they would take out the umbrellas, beach chairs, and cabana's, spend the days selling food and beverages to beach patrons, and at the end of the day bringing in and cleaning all the beach furniture. From what I have learned the family business was independent of the hotels- but there were assumed connections with hotel management. They worked in Atlantic City about 1929-1942 and at this time there were many memorable characters establishing business connections. My grandfather specifically mentioned serving Jack "legs" Diamond and my great uncle remembers serving Al Jolson.  A sentiment of annoyance was passed down with my grandfather's stories; serving sandwiches on the hot sand while everyone seemed so entitled to be vacationing in Atlantic City, it wasn't worth the sunburn. All 5 Wright brothers would later enlist in the army and soon they were all very far away from Illinois Ave.

MonopolyCity has a bunch of old post card images and facts about the illustrious hotels of Atlantic City's past.

Monopoly: The Story Behind the World's Best-Selling Game

By Rod Kennedy, Jim Waltzer 2004 via googlebooks

I found this book via googlebooks, it mentions The Traymore Hotel and the Brighton Hotel with pictures. These hotels were located in the red section of Monopoly. I now have a new perspective when it comes to monopoly real estate value!


* Who Do You Think You Are Premiere next Friday with Vanessa Williams

Only 1 more week until the premiere!

Who: Vanessa Williams

What: The premiere of NBC's "Who Do You Think You Are?" A reality show documenting the genealogical journey's of different celebrities with the help of

When: 8pm EST Friday, February 4, 2011

Where: NBC

How: see how they do it, watch some of the video clips from the first season.

Will you be watching? Did you watch the first season? I am very excited and encourage you to check it out!


* genie tip: don't get stuck at home during these snowy days! Fun events and destinations to beat the winter blues 

Snow days and cold weather can keep you bundled up at home for way too long. Here are some excuses to get outside and enjoy this time of year. Events NYC, Philadelphia, New Jersey through Feb 6, 2011.

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