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* saas family history tools - have you heard of Zahmoo? 

I first heard of Zahmoo because they started following me on Twitter. On their website Zahmoo is self described as "a story bank" for family and business stories. With the family edition you get a system for collecting and sharing stories. This includes 1 collection of unlimited stories, 10GB of storage, and up to 20 members at a price of $5/month (after their 30 day free trial). You upload your text, picture, audio, and video "stories" to your story bank and they are preserved and shareable within the clouds. You then invite other members to join your bank by sending them an invitation. These members can read, comment, and add their own stories.

I wonder where the name Zahmoo comes from?? I'm intrigued by the idea of Zahmoo. It's purpose is simple and to the point. It seems like a marketable idea for the genealogy consumer. Family history research requires a ton of organization, and I know first hand how much work goes into collecting, sharing, and preserving all of the details. But, is it worth $5 a month for their family level account?

I signed up for a Free 30 Day Trial of their "for families" package to see what Zahmoo is all about.

More details to come!

As a consumer it's super important to thoroughly evaluate the functionality and purpose of these fun new tools BEFORE you sign up and totally commit your time and data to their systems. Some questions to ask yourself when evaluating a new tool: Will I use it a lot? Do I need this? Does a product I've already purchased or currently pay for have comparable functionality? Will my family members be able to use this? How can I export my data? Who can view my data?

AND most importantly- if you sign up for a free trial and find out you don't love the service-make sure to cancel any subscriptions before the free trial ends!

What are your favorite tools for collecting and sharing your family history? Any feedback or experience with Zahmoo? I'll share my feedback after a little exploring...

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Hi Abby,

Thanks for taking a look at Zahmoo! We’re pretty proud of it. We love your approach to trying out new tools ie "…to thoroughly evaluate the functionality and purpose of these fun new tools BEFORE you sign up and totally commit your time and data to their systems."

To answer your first question, it’s a completely made up name. The guys who created Zahmoo were trying to name it when they came across a post by entrepreneur/author Seth Godin on his ridiculously popular blog talking about how you should name internet products. He said that it’s best to use an unusual name, even something that utterly unique, so it’s easy for people to find through search engines. He also says to name things beginning with an A or a Z because people tend to notice the beginnings and ends of lists. They found elsewhere that we also tend to respond well to long, sonorous sounds like the ones in Google and Yahoo. And that’s how we got to "Zahmoo".

You’ve probably already checked them out, but if you want to skill your family up in using Zahmoo, you can send them to the how-to videos and posts on our blog. You can also follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

Regarding who can see your data: only you and the people you give access to. There are three levels of access you can grant people: author, editor and administrator. You can change them at any time as well.

You can export your data into an MS Excel spreadsheet. It will have a column for tags, authors, what stories each entry is connected to, story number and more. We are still working on how to export video, audio and images.

Your other questions are things you’ll have to find out by using your 30-day trial. As for whether it’s worth $5 a month, that will come down to how much your time is worth—basically whether you are more time poor or cash poor!

If you have any more questions, please let us know!


May 18, 2011 at 11:02 PM | Unregistered CommenterSarah Jansen

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