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* finding a death record gives new meaning to my birthday 

Birthdays have always been a big deal to me. "I'm the birthday girl" worked wonders during the few days surrounding the anniversary of my birth. This self centered view of "my day" was forever changed when I learned I was born on the day my gggg grandmother died in 1853.

That's right- today is my birthday! Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes- who ordered the delightful afternoon sunshine after the rain?? Thank youuu!

My gggg grandmother Harriett Potts Wright died on April 28, 1853 in Bordentown, Burlington County, New Jersey. I was born April 28! What are the chances....

You might be wondering how I know the exact day my gggg grandmother died, and you should be!! If you want to be thorough in your family history research, it is very important to question everything and really ask yourself, "Does this really match with the information I already have? Is there anything unfamiliar or incorrect in this record?" Follow your instincts!

I had been working on my Wright ancestry with Sue (another descendant of Harriett Potts) when she received matching records from the NJ State Archives matching her record requests forms! We didn't get matches for all of the requests, but we did score a match for the death of Harriett Potts Wright!

record of deaths Bordentown, NJ 1853

The requests are not free and some require specific information in order to be processed, please see the NJ State Archives website for current fees and requirements.

The NJ State Archives hosts a searchable database of available NJ death records June 1878- 1886.

Keep searching, the clues are out there!

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