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Touring NYC with the Interactive Pegleg Guidebook

Traveling to a new city can be a daunting task, from picking the perfect restaurant to seeing all the major landmarks, especially in a city as big as New York City. I hate getting stuck in tourist traps and wasting my time with my nose in a guidebook or map. A new take on the conventional guidebook, Pegleg is an informative NYC Guidebook turned mystery game with clues and jumbled historical tidbits navigating you through the city streets. I read about this in Wired magazine and was immediately interested to learn more about the experience. This game concept was started by WHAIWHAI has been sending tourists on sightseeing adventures through the cities of Italy. And now they've brought the excitement to the big apple!

Are you ready for your New York City sightseeing adventure?

First order of business- you need to purchase the guidebook New York: The Pegleg by Timothy Speed Levitch.

Second- get to NYC.

With your cell phone, book, and friends or family in tow- you are now ready to explore NYC Pegleg style.

To navigate the guidebook you use codes and text messages. You text codes and information to a # (provided in the book) and in return a series of clues are sent to your cell phone via text message. The clues and destinations are set up within a reasonable walking distance and encourage you to pay attention to details, taking an active role in your exploration.

Guys from the Huffington Post took to the streets to uncover the mysteries of New York Pegleg. Watch this video to get a feel for the clues and sights to be seen!


I think this would be a great gift for anyone planning a trip to New York City. Another great option for those with an Iphone is the WHAI WHAI New York Pegleg Application! It's $6.99 from the Itunes store. Maybe next time I have a newbie visitor I'll buy the app and try out the game. One thing I love most about NYC is there is a new story and adventure around every corner. So much to learn and see! Starting unlocking the hidden secrets of the city today.

Have you solved the mysteries? Would you spend an afternoon on this adventure? I'd love to hear what you think of the concept!

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