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* sightseeing sundays: the gorgeous williamsburg savings bank

nyc-architecture.comKnown today as "One Hanson Place", the iconic Brooklyn clock tower completed in 1929 for the Williamsburg Savings Bank has gone through many reinventions while maintaining it's historic charm. It was landmarked by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Committee in 1977.

A defining characteristic of the Brooklyn skyline, the clock tower reaches a reported 512 feet- until recently this was the tallest building in Brooklyn. A new high-rise apartment complex, The Brooklyner, now holds the record. I found some interesting posts re: The Brooklyner on CurbedNY.

A new addition to it's repertoire One Hanson Place now hosts the Brooklyn Flea every Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm through March. Last Sunday Gillian (a fellow brooklynite) and I bundled up and made our way to the brooklyn flea. This gathering is such a good time- amazing food, antiques, and new handcrafted products. It's truly remarkable to see how people take these old pieces and infuse them with modern day life. The vendors span a wide spectrum of products: jewelry, artwork, records, antiques, new & vintage clothing..the list goes on.

the vault

We browsed the aisles and eventually made our way downstairs heading towards the food. Downstairs in the very back corner is where you will find the plat du jour. Food vendors are serving up fresh local fare in what was once the vault of the Williamsburg Savings Bank. As you walk into the vault take a minute to examine the entranceway, it's an actual vault door! There are tons of options and the food is really delish. Gillian had a "Sidney" hot dog from asiadog and I had a grilled cheese from Milk Bar; we were both very satisfied customers!

From the vault we headed up the marble staircase to the 2nd floor to survey more vendors and of course the views from the balcony. Floor to ceiling this building was designed with such great detail; marble columns, intricate stained glass windows, and ornate chandeliers transport you into the past. As you look up a glittering mosaic paints the ceiling with hues of gold and blue. My pictures do not the artwork justice,  the camera would just not cooperate. You have to go and check it out!

cupcakes from kumquat cupcaker

We finished the trip off with cupcakes from kumquatcupcakery, who can pass up tiny cup cakes? The main attraction was the cupcake topped with bacon! (cupcake in the middle) I didn't try it but heard it was delicious!

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