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* organizing and sharing genealogy news: exploring GenealoGee

The genealogy community is growing with new technology and our influence has a far greater reach than ever before.  This global audience demands technology to organize and deliver new information as quickly as possible. It's challenging for me to stay on task when overloaded with updates from twitter, newsletters, feeds, wall posts, emails, comments, new blogs - I just can't help myself! There are so many interesting things going on! A free membership with GenealoGee has potential to streamline the information overload!

GenealoGee facilitates bookmarking, exchanging, and promotion of relevant genealogy news through member submitted content from all over the web. 

  • Stay up to date - Browse the real time news feed or search for articles by keyword, tag, category, or group
  • Organize Bookmarks- Bookmark any genealogy related article you find anywhere on the web with GenealoGee's bookmark clipper and save your bookmark, share, or comment 
  • Vote for articles- Members can vote for submitted articles they find useful. This feature increases the member's visibility in the community and helps to weed out irrelevant and out dated articles.
  • Promote your site- Copy one of their Vote Icons and add it to your website or blog posts to encourage your readers to vote in your content. Anyone can vote from your site and the distinctive icons help spread the word about Genealogee.

I found some really useful articles through the news feed today, but without expanding the community this feature will only be so useful. The evolution of such technology relies on growth and user contribution, without us they wouldn't have a product! I just signed up today with much to explore, but so far I have found GenealoGee very useful and easy to use. Anyone else try out this service? What are your experiences or thoughts?

What other technology or services have simplified your genealogy quest? I'm always on the look out for new tricks and tools to make life a little easier!

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