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* rootstech: calling all genealogists and technology geeks!

Rootstech is an all new technology and genealogy conference aiming to bring together genealogists and the brains behind new innovative technologies. Rootstech will be held February 10-12, 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Forums for learning include panels, discussion groups, and interactive demonstrations.

To name a few sponsors: Family Search,, Dell, and Microsoft.

*partial to mac* I'd love to see what Apple could bring to the genealogy community. Just throwin it out there!

After browsing the website I think I fell in love, the description of those who should attend: "Those who want to help define the future of genealogy through technological innovation." This conference is truly unique and it's not just for genealogists. The theme applies to all of us using/creating technology for documenting, preserving, and creating avenues for the dissemination of knowledge. In order for this event to be successful, a broad spectrum of professionals are needed. Perfection! EVERYONE uses technology on daily basis, it helps us to be more efficient and increases our rate of success.

I worked for a developing SAAS for 2 years and I am very excited about this opportunity to give my 2 (or 50) cents! Developers seeking input from users demonstrates their dedication to the product and the customer's satisfaction. Let's make sure they get the feedback needed to make the products we pay for better!

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